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Tlf: 62 54 40 00

Hedmark fylkeshus
Parkgata 64

Hedmark fylkeskommune
Postboks 4404 Bedriftssenteret
2325 Hamar

E-post: postmottak@hedmark.org

Felles fakturaadresse fra 01.01.2010:
Hedmark fylkeskommune
Postboks 4043 Bedriftssenteret
2306 Hamar

Org.nr: 942 116 217

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Marit Thobiassen Strande


The County Chief Executive

County Chief Executive, Mrs Hanne Varhaug Søberg, is Hedmark County's highest administrative officer and has the day-to-day responsibility for the overall management of the county.

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The County Executive Board

The County Executive Board consists of four members and is a collegium. The chairman is Mrs. Siv Tørudbakken and vice-chairman is Mrs. Aasa Gjestvang. Mr. Christian Haugen and Mr. Svein Borkhus are members of the Board.

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Hedmark County Council

On 28. October 2003 the Hedmark County Council resolved to introduce the parliamentary form of local government in place of the previous system with a county board of aldermen.

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Welcome to Hedmark County Council

Hedmark County is situated in the southeast part of Norway, bordering Sweden.
The nature varies from beautiful snow-covered mountains in the north, to green forests and wilderness in the east, and productive farmland in the south.  

While the term county (fylke) denotes the geographical area, the County Council (fylkestinget) is the democratically elected body, with responsibilities for public welfare and services in the county.

Public administration in Norway has a 3-tier structure with the following elements: Central Government, County Council and Local Council. The welfare of the individual is closely bound up with the activities of the county and municipal governments. Norway is divided into 19 counties (fylker) and more than 400 municipalities (kommuner).

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